Since the day of our Lord, Christians have been called to share and rejoice in the Gospel of Jesus Christ; a truth of Witness, Mercy, and Fellowship together; a truth of Repentance, Forgiveness, and Celebration together. With each day of our lives, it is a blessing to have this Gospel of Christ for the promise that is given for eternal life.

We Live in a world that is filled with struggle, hurt, hardship, and pain. It is a world in which life can seem so worthless and dark. Each day you may struggle with your finances, your marriage, your relationships, your career, your health. It is not the way the world was meant to be.
And still, there is a God who loves you! A God who cares for you so much that He gave to you His Son – Jesus Christ. A Son who in His life, death, and resurrection, promises to you an end to your struggle; who promises to you a life eternally at peace with Him. Peace that can only be found in the free gift of His Amazing Grace.

I invite you to join with me to be a part of Bethlehem and St. John Churches for our life in witness, worship, mercy, prayer, and celebration; to rejoice in the gifts that God has given and to persevere until the promise of heaven. Praise be to God!