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    St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church

    (High Steeple Church)

    W1145 Huckleberry Street

    Edgar, WI 54426

    Where The Light of Jesus Christ Always Shines
    In the country, five miles West of the Village of Edgar, approximately one mile off Highway 97 in Marathon County you'll find St. John.  One of the features of our church is the very high steeple which towers approximately 90 feet in the air.  At night the lighted steeple can be seen from miles away, lending itself to the nickname people have given our church for many years "High Steeple Church."

    St. John Lutheran is a beautiful church with amenities to accommodate the needs of our congregation.  Our Ministry Center and classrooms provide ample space for Adult Education, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School and Confirmation Classes.


    The Fellowship Hall is furnished with tables and chairs that seat approximately 150.  The large open room is useful for our craft sales, church events, family gatherings and many other functions.  The fully equipped kitchen provides an wonderful area to prepare foods for luncheons, gatherings and community dinners.


    Our Sanctuary

    Please see our Upcoming Events Page for Information on What's Happening at St. John Lutheran



    A Brief History of St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church

            The beginnings of St. John go back before the Civil War.  On the day before Pentecost, 1860, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Hamann and their son, Henry, a sister Friedericka, and Mr. Hamann's parents, Karl and Marie Hamann, Mr. and Mrs. William Garbrecht, and Karl marquardt arrived in the dense pine forest that once covered this area.  It had taken them six weeks to travel from Stevens Point which is approximately 25 miles away.

    At their request in 1862, the Rev. J.J. Hoffmann of the Town of Berlin visited them in order to baptize several children.  On July 4, 1867, the Rev. J.F. Wilhelm Hudtloff was ordained into the holy ministry at Naugart in the Town of Berlin.  He visited the Town of Wien at regular intervals and played an important role in the early development of St. John.  According to later reports, he assisted St. John to organize in 1869.
              On May 31, 1880, St. John affiliated with the Missouri Synod, an affiliation that continues to this day.  From 1881 to 1884, large immigrations from Germany settled in Wisconsin.  Many came from Pomerania, then northeast Germany, now northwest Poland.   Fifty-five baptized members were added to the burgeoning congregation in 1879, and forty-one in 1881.  The largest number of baptisms (twenty-one) occurred in both 1881 and 1882.
              In 1882, when the congregation called Mr. Carl Busch, a former school teacher, deposed from office in Germany, to be their pastor, the conservative minority objected to what they considered an unordained and unorthodox teacher as pastor.  The newly reorganized St. John moved about 1/4 mile west of the original site where they built a little white frame building (22'x34x) to serve as their church.  This building served until 1908 when the current "high steeple" church was built.
              Several additions have been made to our church home over the years since 1908, most notable the addition of a parish hall built in the 1940s and the building of an enlarged ministry center (remodeling, new classrooms, church offices, kitchen) in 2004.
              Today, St. John continues to serve as a beacon of light in our community- preaching and proclaiming the Good News of Christ crucified and administering the blessed Sacraments as Jesus instituted them for us.

    Our pastors through the years

         1875-1876 William Webber
         1878-1882 Herman Erck
         1883-1883 F.H. Reichman
         1884-1885 Carl Busch
         1894-1895 Christian Becker
         1896-1899 A.F. Imm
         1899-1900 L.R. Heidelberger
         1901-1909 Joseph Oesch
         1913-1923 E.H. Buerger
         1925-1946 Emanuel Malueg
         1947-1956 Harold Malotky
         1956-1960 Frederick Kempfert
         1961-1967 Ferdinand Timler
         1967-1972 David C. Schroeder
         1972-1980 Mark J. Nicholaus
         1981-2003 Roger Moldenhauer
         2004- 2009
    Matthew Christians

    2009- Present Jeffrey A. Lambrecht