Our Youth Ministry

In the summer of 1904, the first Sunday School was organized at the Public School house on the corner of Abbotsford-Milan Road. This was the current assembly place for the mission service. In the fall of the same year, the first Confirmation class was gathered consisting of five children. The first Confirmation class was confirmed on January 6, 1905. In 1949, Sunday School was reorganized and Vacation Bible School (VBS) was added and held every summer in Milan. Instruction in Christian doctrine was given to the catechumens for three years. Bethlehem Youth Group was combined with St. John and continues to this day. In 2000, Bethlehem and St. John churches combined VBS with the daytime classes being held at St. John and evening classes at Bethlehem. The churches have also combined confirmation instruction classes with separate Confirmation services.

For any questions or more information about our youth ministry, please contact:
Dual-Parish Office Phone: 715-352-2888
Dual-Parish Office Email: Secretary